Stephen Stone, MD awarded NIDDK K08 (Links to an external site)

Stephen Stone, MD, received a Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08) from the NIDDK. His mentors are David Ornitz, MD, PhD in Developmental Biology and Fumihiko Urano, MD PhD in Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Lipid Research. His project is titled ‘Using a Rare Disease Model to Explore the Role of FGF21 in Insulin Resistance.’

Major NIH study seeks to understand unusual forms of diabetes (Links to an external site)

The Rare and Atypical Diabetes Network (RADIANT) study officially launches! Stephen Stone, MD along with Fumihiko Urano, MD, PhD, Janet McGill, MD, and Jing Hughes, MD, PhD are co-investigators at the Washington University site. This is a multi-center trial with 14 clinical centers located across the US. The goal of the study is to identify individuals who do not clearly […]

Digenic variants in fibroblast growth factor 21 signaling linked to severe insulin resistance (Links to an external site)

Stone lab research was highlighted in Endocrine News. “We found that the proband carried mutations in the FGF21 receptor complex and performed tissue culture-based studies to demonstrate that these were functional/pathogenic mutations,” Stephen Stone, MD tells Endocrine News. “This study demonstrates the first ever link between FGF21 and severe insulin resistance.”